About Us

Cole Garner Geotechnical(CG Geotech) formerly the geotechnical services division of Pickering, Cole, & Hivner (PCH), continues to offer a comprehensive range of geotechnical engineering, geologic, site investigation, and construction testing and inspection services.

CG Geotech brings a fresh perspective to every project tailored with an extensive experience base from which to draw innovative ideas and solutions. We work with a broad spectrum of clients, performing services for residential, commercial, and industrial land development, school districts, higher education institutions, medical facilities, financial institutions, and governmental agencies. Our professional staff brings over 20 years average experience to every project and we have staff licensed in over 15 states across the U.S. We believe that our diverse range of experience and projects helps us to bring cost effective and proven solutions to every project.


We firmly believe that successful projects require open and effective communication of alternatives and risks in a collaborative environment, among team members on both the design and construction sides of every project. We understand the success of our firm depends on our ability to help our clients achieve their goals.