Thomas C. Cole, P.E.
Principal and Chief Executive Officer

Tom graduated from California State-Fresno with a Bachelors of Science degree in Civil Engineering in 1991. After graduation, he worked as a structural engineer and ultimately made a transition into the geosciences field after having exposure to several large-scale construction projects. Tom held positions ranging from field engineer, staff engineer, project engineer and operations manager at his first geotechnical firm.

Once exposed to the challenges of management, Tom realized that he enjoyed the thrill of driving business growth while maintaining a technical role on unique projects. A competing firm convinced Tom to start an office for their growing firm, and through his relationship with the firm’s owner, decided to continue to develop his dual role within the organization – ultimately accepting a position as the company president.

After 6 successful years, Tom decided to explore new life challenges and moved to Chicago where he worked as the operations manager for a respected industry leader. However, he did not enjoy Midwest winters and decided to relocate to Colorado. Shortly after moving, Tom accepted a position as the Geotechnical Department Manager with a national engineering firm located in Denver. In 2010, wanting more control over his future, Tom decided to become a partner in a new firm, Pickering, Cole & Hivner, LLC. Continued personal and professional growth led to the evolution of PCH and ultimately the formation of Cole Garner Geotechnical.

When not at work, Tom enjoys participation in Ironman and Xterra triathlons across the globe. As an avid hunter, he spends much of the fall and winter months in the mountains and fields of Colorado, Wyoming and Montana. Tom and his wife Barbara, enjoy an active household with 3 children and 3 dogs.

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Andrew J. Garner, P.E.
Principal and Chief Operations Officer

Andy entered the geotechnical field while completing his BS in Civil Engineering at CU-Denver. He gained valuable, hands-on experience doing materials testing, inspections and managing projects on a nearly full-time basis while earning his degree. Andy's career progressed quickly into project management of construction services and geotechnical engineering. Andy began to take on more engineering duties and a management role in the Denver office of a national consulting firm.

Andy’s proven ability to develop common-sense approaches to varying site conditions and his continued responsiveness led to development of his own client base. In 2010, the time was right to seek new opportunities and his professional relationship with the partners of Pickering, Cole & Hivner afforded him the challenges and growth potential he desired. Andy was ready for the challenge of business ownership and the formation of Cole Garner Geotechnical is the realization of that goal. Andy previously served as President of the Colorado Association of Geotechnical Engineers (CAGE).

When not at work, Andy is constantly on the move with his wife helping to shuttle their three children to sporting events, band concerts. He is the Scoutmaster in his son’s Boy Scout Troop and the Chairman of Glass Hearts, a Colorado non-profit focused on serving young dads in our community ( When he does get some spare time, Andy enjoys most outdoor activities, playing golf, and attending local sporting events and concerts.

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Glenn Ohlsen, P.E. – Project Manager
Geotechnical Services

Glenn received his Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering from Virginia Tech and has over 16 years experience providing geotechnical consulting and construction inspection and testing services. He has been a part of the Cole Garner team since 2012. He has worked extensively throughout the Front Range of Colorado, as well as Wyoming, on projects that include residential, commercial/retail, industrial, energy, and public works. He utilizes that broad range of experience in the planning, execution and management of geotechnical site investigations to provide recommendations for shallow and deep foundation systems, earthworks and site development, and soil improvement and remediation techniques. He is also part of a team that provides geotechnical consultation for deep foundation/helical pile design on projects throughout the country, primarily in the energy sector.

During off-time, Glenn enjoys getting outdoors whenever possible. He is an avid cyclist, having toured cross country from California to Florida, as well as multiple tours down the Pacific Coast.

Patrick Maloney, G.I.T. – Staff Geologist

Mr. Maloney received his Bachelor of Arts degree in Geosciences from Franklin and Marshall College and his Master of Science degree in Geology/Geochemistry from Northern Arizona University. He has 3 years experience providing geologic and geotechnical consulting, and construction inspection and testing services and has been a part of the CG team since moving to Colorado in early 2016.

Previously, Patrick worked extensively throughout the Mid-Atlantic region, including Pennsylvania, Maryland, and New York on projects that include commercial/retail, energy transmission, communications, geothermal, groundwater, and stormwater management, geophysical investigations, and karst and geologic hazard mitigation. He collaborates with his peers in the project management of geotechnical site investigations, monitoring well installation and testing, and in providing recommendations for dewatering, earthworks and site development, foundation systems, and soil improvement and remediation techniques. He is currently working towards his P.G. in Wyoming and other states continuing his education in Geotechnical Engineering.

During his off-time, Patrick enjoys moving in the mountains whether it be skiing, mountain biking, climbing, trail-running, or backpacking. He has climbed the highest peak in 17 US states with many more planned.