Geotechnical Exploration, Sampling, and Testing

Cole Garner’s engineers can design a field exploration for any project. Our field staff and network of subcontractors can help your design team develop the proper scope to meet the challenges of any project including:

  • Challenging terrain with track and buggy-mounted rigs
  • Hard bedrock conditions – rock coring, excavation and ripping evaluations
  • Shallow groundwater – monitoring wells and flow rate determinations
  • Indoor exploration – limited access and low headroom drilling equipment, exhaust ventilation


Geotechnical Investigations for multiple
Fueling Stations, Convenience Stores, Banks, and Fast Food Restaurants
Clients: Valero, 7-Eleven, FirstBank, McDonalds, Taco Bell

CG Geotech’s portfolio includes coordination and completion of field exploration for over seventy sites in Colorado, New Mexico, and Wyoming. Sites have been located in both urban and rural settings on both vacant property and existing, active facilities.

Typical projects range from investigation for design of building additions to demolition and full reconstruction. Maintaining safe site conditions can be specifically challenging due the presence of undocumented underground infrastructure and substantial public-safety hazards.

Our field personnel and local network of subcontractors are tasked to work carefully with on-site owner/operators and store managers to efficiently and safely complete each project with no downtime and minimal interruption. Each site is restored to client requirements, including off-site disposal of spoils and patching of existing pavements

Additional Field Exploration Projects:

New Municipal Water Supply Tank
Blanca, Colorado

Custom Residence
Douglas County, Colorado

Multi-family Residential Project
Cherry Creek, Denver, Colorado

CG Geotech has an in-house laboratory for soil, aggregate, and rock testing. We conduct classification testing, corrosivity testing, and an automated direct shear machine. Our laboratory has have over 100 swell/consolidation test apparatus to enable rapid completion of lab testing for large of projects. Our lab participates in the AASHTO reference sample program for soil, aggregate, asphalt testing, and our quality system reviewed by the AMRL. We are also accredited by AASHTO R-18 for fireproofing.

California liner samples ready for lab testing